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Driving Digital Learning


In 2016 I began coaching teachers on the application of blended learning for their classrooms. During that time, I assisted teachers and other District personnel in developing items to use with students.  It just seemed like if one teacher, or a school team, would benefit from the materials we were creating...wouldn't others?!?

I decided to create the concept of  The resources I was developing would be added to the website for free to put teachers in the driver's seat of their content development. 

Many of the DDL resources were co-developed with teachers; some are at the SAMR model of substitution or augmentation levels (good places to begin). As comfort level grows, modification and redefinition will occur naturally as teachers understand how to adapt and implement the different levels of digital content effectively.

I have had teachers from all over the United States and parts of India, Africa, China, and Europe download items.  How do I know? Novice teachers do not understand Google's sharing feature.  They often ask for access, which generates an email to which I have an autoresponder stating, "Go to file and make a copy."

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Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

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