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Writing and Design

Technical Writing

Working for a start-up is a great place to hone writing skills.  The document below is the course development process utilized with our University Partners.

Academic Writing

Creating foundational 'How Tos' to assist novice faculty members is a must; this is one of the many I curated.

Teachers Give Teachers

In 2016 I began coaching teachers on the application of blended learning. During that time, I collaborated with teachers and other District personnel to develop classroom resources. If one teacher, or a school team, would benefit from the materials we were creating, wouldn't others?!?

That question prompted me to create In the spirit of Teachers Give Teachers, the collaboratively developed resources were added to the website for free to put teachers in the driver's seat of their content development. 

I can trace my instructional design learning curve to that site, but much of what I created, such as the graphic organizers, still gets a lot of traffic.



Below you will find screenshots of pages from my newly revised book, Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Even Simpler, by Life Science Publishing.  The expanded version will be out in the early fall of 2022.

Photo Credits

Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

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