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Quality Assurance and Review

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Technical Writer


As a technical writer, I am passionate about creating clear, concise, and effective documentation that helps users get the most out of their products. I have experience writing, editing, and revising technical user documentation, such as instruction manuals, how-to guides, 


One of my strengths is my ability to communicate complex technical concepts in a way that is easy for users to understand. I strive to create documentation that is user-friendly and accessible while also being comprehensive and detailed.


Instructional Editor

Quality Control, Editor, and Copy Writer

I simultaneously managed multiple projects in which I edited and revised technical user documentation, including leveled commercial refrigeration and HVAC training manuals and their associated glossary. Created student content using interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) presentations (Articulate Storyline 360) from Subject Matter Expert (SME) documents.

Proofread student-facing content for accuracy, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency. Maintained technical documentation in Basecamp, a project management and communication tool, to ensure that all products were of the highest quality and in full compliance with contracted requirements.


Instructional Designer

Branding, Quality Control, and Oversite

Determined if the individual course frameworks (method of delivery, activities, content, scaffolding, evaluation method) of the learning objectives were met. Reviewed all lessons to ensure instructional design principles and objectives/standards-based course requirements were adhered to per the requirements—scanned course materials for plagiarism and other elements pertaining to individual course requirements and design.


eLearning Architect

Integrity, Quality Control, and Oversite

Safeguard and facilitate required outcomes through work plan management functions, including the appropriate procurement of learning resources, maintaining standards and procedures, crafting lesson/course templates, and producing a prompt turnaround of learning materials.


Online K-12 Content Development Administrator

Oversite for Project Facilitators' Content Development

Ensures digital content is in alignment with the Clark County School District syllabi and the Nevada Academic Content Standards (NVACS), Quality Matters K-12 Standards, and the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) National Standards.

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Graduate Chair

Research, Integrity, and Student Retention

Overseeing the graduate degrees process by the individual student. The process includes making sure the student's Professional Project reflects their academic readings and professional experience of their Master's Degree program, articulates a vision to raise student achievement, and engages critically with a relevant educational issue.

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