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Michelle's Instructional Design Work

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Articulate Storyline 360

Articulate's Storyline 360 functions much like PowerPoint with additional functionality such as triggers and multiple layering.

Learner Choices

A design choice such as providing learners with choice allows them to have some control over their learning and has the added benefit of them interacting with the content.

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Utilizing Hot Spots ~ Learner Interacts with the Text

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Articulate Rise 

A course on accessibility in online and blended/hybrid course design using Rise.  


Note: the entire course is not contained in this document.

The course's functionality, formatting, and motion are also not evident in this example.

Accessibility Education

Team Building and Project Managment

Slide Deck Menues


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BlendEd Infographic Course Development S
Storyline 360 portable hand drills and s
Blended Learning - Infographic  2-26-20
Infographic Guide To Blended Learning re
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Articulate Storyline 360

Storyline 360 portable hand drills and s

Articulate Storyline 360



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