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Michelle's Work with Course Flow

Jordan School District hired me to set up a blended learning program with a select number of teachers in each of their high schools. 


I used the following elements to develop the program, units, lessons, and activities and the associated professional development for those teachers and their administrators:


  • SAMR

  • Components of an Effective Lesson                                             Hover each block for details.

  • Constructive Learning Theory

  • Project-Based Learning

  • Canvas Learning Management System

As you review the items below, please know that the purpose was to create a standard that would mitigate students' cognitive load as they navigated several online and blended courses but provided the different content areas with the flexibility for their specific needs.

                  Column I                                              Column II                                            Column III

            Medial Forensics                                        Math III                                     Foods and Nutrition I

COAEL Step 1.jpg

Components of an Effective Lesson

Working with teachers to customize their courses' look and feel but still mitigate students' cognitive load by having the same type of functionality was important for this project.

Landing pages provided:

  • Welcome statement

  • Course Goals

  • Course Structure

  • Course Navigation

  • Teacher Contact Details

Canvas Landing Page

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me.

COAEL Step 2.jpg

This page provides students with a longitudinal view of the upcoming unit.  A unit overview is important in online and blended learning because it provides students with time management opportunities.


Notice the cutaway of the Foods course. All components of an effective lesson are present but not prescriptive.  The course objectives and teacher preferences can guide the flow.

  • Lesson Overview

  • Lesson Introduction/Anticipatory Set

  • Start of the topic and vocabulary.

  • Teaching

  • Teaching and practice

  • Assignment

  • Lab

  • Notes

  • Lesson Summary

Module (Unit) Overview Page

COAEL Step 3.jpg

This page provides students with a step-by-step overview of the lesson.

  • Overview

  • Introduction

  • Teaching

  • Practice

  • Check for Comprehension

  • Reteach

  • Conclusion

Lesson Page

COAEL Step 4.jpg

This page will connect with the real world and/or prior knowledge.  If a teacher pre-teaches vocabulary or concepts, it will take place here.
You can see that depending on the lesson or subject; it may look different.

The First Teaching Page

COAEL Step 5.jpg

​This page is where the new objectives will mesh with prior knowledge and open up to new learning.  

  • It can include multimedia elements, videos, songs, etc.

The Heart of the New Learning

COAEL Step 6.jpg

Some concepts will require more than others to teach well.  Add additional pages as needed.  Do not force the subject into a preconceived number, as this will only lead to student frustration.

Additional Learning

COAEL Step 7.jpg

Students need to apply their learning in a variety of ways.  It can be as simple as a quick formative assessment to as dynamic as a lab.

Apply and Assess

COAEL Step 8.jpg

The application of the concepts taught is practiced in an assignment. Assignments should vary, with the ultimate being real-world and project-based.

Apply and Formatively Assess

COAEL Step 9.jpg

21st Century students must be able to discuss and collaborate on concepts and projects.  Every lesson does not need a formal discussion board, but using LMS tools such as 'group assignment' can also foster this learning in online and blended environments.

Collaborate, Discuss, Debate

COAEL Step 10.jpg

Just like face-to-face classroom best practices, it is important to summarize the learning in the lesson.  This is a good place for an exit ticket or a checklist of what should have been completed in the lesson.

Summarize the Lesson

Applying a similar methodology, I created the course template below for Youngstown State University's Department of Education in Blackboard Ultra:


  • SAMR

  • Adult Learning Theory

  • Components of an Effective Lesson

  • ​AND elements from the Accessible Syllabus 


Assignments utilized a template created in Microsoft
Word and modified for each subsequent assignment.


One hundred percent of the template adhered to the
ADA guidelines for accessibility.

We began using the assignment template process
during the fall of 2020. Upon implementation, we
noticed more assignments coming in with higher
levels of thought, and students were adhering to

Dr. Dunko comment on using vocab templat

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